My 15 minutes of fame came when this picture went viral a few years ago.  People still ask me about it all the time!

I was taking some family pictures of my cousin (the dad in the photo) and his wife and two kids.  The little one was being a bit fussy.  

I suggested, "Let's try doing some pictures while you're walking."

As the parents started walking, they decided to give the older toddler a little swing.  In a split second, the baby slid out of the Mom's arms and landed on the sand.  Fortunately the baby did NOT get hurt.  The height in the picture makes the fall look worse than it really was.  The baby did a 360 flip and landed on his back in the soft sand.  The baby's grandfather happens to be a pediatrician and saw the whole incident.  He immediately came over and gave the baby a medical exam and determined that he had not been injured.

The photo made the rounds on the internet, was featured on Good Morning America and the front page of Yahoo. I got emails from people all over the world asking me if the baby was ok.


Photoshopped versions of the picture started popping up online.


The photo even landed in a museum exhibit and in a book called "Born to be Awkward."

book museum collage.jpg