Gender reveal party ... with a PAINTBALL GUN!

David & Katie knew that they wanted to reveal their baby's gender in style, but they weren't sure how.  They threw around lots of ideas before settling on the idea of using a paintball gun (David loves going paintballing and it felt like an original idea).  

At the ultrasound, they had the tech write down "boy" or "girl" on a small card and seal it up in an envelope.  Then they bought pink and blue paintball cartridges online (apparently pink paintballl cartridges are hard to find in stores!).

On the day of the gender reveal party, a trusted friend opened the envelope and loaded the gun with the appropriate colored paint balls without David or Katie knowing.  Then after some cake and everyone making their predictions (almost everyone guessed BOY!), David put on a paintball mask and Katie aimed the gun at David.  She shot a few balls before one hit David on the arm.  The paint exploded and it was ... PINK!!  A pink paint splat on David's arm meant they are going to have a girl!  I think everyone was pretty surprised!  For some reason I think David & Katie were both convinced that they were going to have a boy!

What a happy celebration.  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it!

Can't wait to meet your little GIRL in a few months!

xoxo Liz